Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dslr oh Dslr.

Do you have your own Dslr? lot's of people have it. So let's talk about this thing. Dslr adalah trend masa kini. Lot's of my friends use their own money buy Dslr. I know they pay it by using 'duit pinjaman' but think about your future la. Takkan la nak habiskan duit pijaman yang diberikan dengan membeli Dslr ni. Okey, and I know they have their own principle it's okey. Make sure your loan must pay back! I'm actually have Dslr too. but thats my Papa yang punya. I'm just use it. Actually, DSLR cameras take better quality photos, some semi-pro ­photographers still shy away from getting one because they are usually big and heavy to carry around. haha, like me!

This are brand of the DSLR :

1. Nikon.
2. Canon.
3. Olympus.
4. Sony.
5. Pentax.

and etc.

So what's your brand?


Fadil Wimala said...

I'm using Kodak V1003 pocket camera, not a DSLR, lol :D I use that camera for deviantART too.. my cousin's selling me his old Nikon D80 and of course he's selling for a lot cheaper price, I'm gonna buy that soon... :)

Monkey D Luffy said...

aku satu pun takdak

Kyla said...

Fadil : wah! tak lame lg kmu mmpunyai DSLR sndiri. =)

Kapten : tak pe la tak dak pun.. camera biasa pn jd. hehe!

Photographer RAZAK RAMLI said...

Saya syorkan Sony alpha 200.
Member pakai memang berbaloi.

Kyla said...

wahh. 1st time dgr camera sony. hehe. sbb mmber ramai pakai nikon =)

syakey said...

ouh,jeles sape yg punya dslr.

Kyla said...